In Detecting analogies questions, the candidate is required to trace out hidden analogy or common characteristic among given words or to choose word which possesses the same characteristic as the given word.

Detect Analogies , Analogy

Detect analogy :
Sandstone : Limestone : Coal
Option :
A. They are formed by metamorphic rocks.
B. They are chemical minerals.
C. They are found in river beds.
D. They are formed in sedimentary rocks.

Detect analogy :
Analects : Zend Avesta : Torah
Option :
A. These are places of worship.
B. These are three sects of Muslims.
C. These are names of religions.
D. These are names of religious books.

Detect analogy :
Mars : Mercury : Venus
Option :
A. They have no opposite motion.
B. They are evil planets.
C. They are the planets nearest to the earth.
D. They have no corresponding lucky stone.

Detect analogy :
Gnu : Emu : Curlew
Option :
A. These are fast runners.
B. These are birds.
C. These are smal insects.
D. These are animal pests.

Detect analogy :
Chain : Link : Bridge
Option :
A. They all have hooks.
B. They are related with ornaments.
C. They join two parts.
D. The terms are related with prison.