Detect analogy :
Sandstone : Limestone : Coal
Option :
A. They are formed by metamorphic rocks.
B. They are chemical minerals.
C. They are found in river beds.
D. They are formed in sedimentary rocks.

Detect analogy :
Analects : Zend Avesta : Torah
Option :
A. These are places of worship.
B. These are three sects of Muslims.
C. These are names of religions.
D. These are names of religious books.

Detect analogy :
Mars : Mercury : Venus
Option :
A. They have no opposite motion.
B. They are evil planets.
C. They are the planets nearest to the earth.
D. They have no corresponding lucky stone.

Detect analogy :
Gnu : Emu : Curlew
Option :
A. These are fast runners.
B. These are birds.
C. These are smal insects.
D. These are animal pests.

Detect analogy :
Chain : Link : Bridge
Option :
A. They all have hooks.
B. They are related with ornaments.
C. They join two parts.
D. The terms are related with prison.