Detect analogy :
Sweep : Scrub : Wipe
Option :
A. These are terms connected with rubbing.
B. These are games of cards.
C. These are terms used by motor mechanics.
D. These are terms connected with cleaning.

Detect analogy :
Delhi : Agra : Methura
Option :
A. They have been capitals of the country.
B. They have exquisite temples.
C. They have religious background.
D. They are situated on the bank of river Yamuna.

Detect analogy :
Knight : Rook : Bishop
Option :
A. These are missionaries.
B. These are chessmen.
C. These are churchmen.
D. These are ranks of military.

Detect analogy :
Crocodile : Chameleon : Tortoise
Option :
A. They are reptiles.
B. They have hard shells.
C. They live near water.
D. They keep on changing colour.

Detect analogy :
Hiss : Hoot : Trumpet
Option :
A. They are sound made by certain creatures.
B. They are joyous cries of children.
C. They are sound made by war-instruments.
D. The terms are used in connection with news.