Detect analogy :
Pulpit : Pews : Steeple
Option :
A. They are connected with a glacier valley.
B. They are connected with church.
C. The terms are connected with race-course.
D. They are parts of a plant.

Detect analogy :
Spinach : Fenugreek : Celery
Option :
A. These are cactus plants.
B. These are wild flowers.
C. These are wild plants.
D. These are leafy vegetables.

Detect analogy :
Ovary : Uterus : Cervix
Option :
A. They are excretory organs.
B. They are reproductive organs.
C. They are endocrine glands.
D. They are organs for fertilisation in plants.

Detect analogy :
Love : Respect : Sympathy
Option :
A. They are sentiments.
B. They are feelings.
C. They are not reciprocal.
D. They cannot be displayed.

Detect analogy :
Tola : Masha : Ratti
Option :
A. They are units of time
B. They are fruits of wild plants.
C. They are units of weight.
D. They are terms used in Ayurved.