In Blood relation section, the correct answer depends upon the knowledge of the blood relations, some of which are summarized below to help solve these tests.

  • Mother’s or father’s son = Brother
  • Mother’s or father’s daughter = Sister
  • Mother’s or father’s brother = Uncle
  • Mother’s or father’s sister = Aunt
  • Mother’s or father’s father = Grandfather
  • Mother’s or father’s mother = Grandmother
  • Son’s wife = Daughter-in-Law
  • Daughter’s husband = Son-in-Law
  • Husband’s or wife’s sister = Sister-in-Law
  • Husband’s or wife’s brother = Brother-in-Law
  • Brother’s son = Nephew
  • Brother’s daughter = Niece
  • Uncle or aunt’s son or daughter = Cousin
  • Sister’s husband = Brother-in-Law
  • Brother’s wife = Sister-in-Law
  • Grandson’s or Grand daughter’s daughter = Great grand daughter

A + B means A is the son of B;
A - B means A is the wife of B;
A x B means A is the brother of B;
A ÷ B means A is the mother of B; and
A = B means A is the sister of B.
What does P = R ÷ Q mean ?

Option :
A. P is the aunt of Q.
B. P is the sister of Q.
C. Q is the niece of P.
D. Q is the daughter of P.