In Mixed letter coding type of questions, three or four complete messages are given in the coded language and the code for a particular word is asked. To analyse such codes, any two messages bearing a common word are picked up. The common code word will mean that word. Proceeding smilarly by picking up all possible combinations of two, the entire message can be analysed.

Mixed Letter Coding , Coding - Decoding

If 'ish lto inm' stands for 'neat and tidy' ; 'qpr inm sen' stands for 'small but neat' and 'hsm sen rso' stands for 'good but erratic', what would 'but' stand for ?

Option :
A. inm
B. qpr
C. sen
D. hsm

In a certain code language, 'col tip mot' means 'singing is appreciable' ; 'mot baj min' means 'dancing is good' and 'tip nop baj' means 'singing and dancing' , which of the following means 'good' in that code language ?

Option :
A. not
B. min
C. baj
D. Can`t be determined
E. None of these

In a certain code, 'bi nie pie' means 'some good jokes' : 'nie bat lik' means 'some real stories' ; and 'pie lik tol' means 'many good stories'. Which word in that code means 'jokes' ?

Option :
A. bi
B. nie
C. pie
D. Can`t be determined
E. None of these

If in a certain code language, 'oka peru' means 'fine cloth' ; 'meta lisa' means 'clear water' and 'dona lisa peru' means 'fine clear weather' , which word in that language means 'weather' ?

Option :
A. peru
B. oka
C. meta
D. dona

In a certain code language,
(A) ‘pit dar na’ means ‘you are good’
(B) ‘dar tok pa’ means ‘good and bad’
(C) ‘tim na tok’ means 'they are bad’
In that language, which word stands for 'they' ?

Option :
A. na
B. tok
C. tim
D. pit