In a certain code, 'nee tim see' means 'how are you';
'ble nee see' means 'where are you',
what is the code for 'where' ?

Option :
A. nee
B. tim
C. see
D. Can't be determined
E. None of these

If 'ski rps tri' stands for 'nice Sunday morning'; 'teh sti rps' stands for 'every Tuesday morning' and 'ski ptr qlm' stands for 'nice market place',
what would 'Sunday' stands for ?

Option :
A. ski
B. rps
C. tri
D. qlm

In a certain language, 'pre nat bis' means 'smoking is harmful';
'vog dor nat' means 'avoid harmful habit' and
'dor bis yel' means 'please avoid smoking'.
Which of the following means 'habit' in that language ?

Option :
A. vog
B. nat
C. dor
D. bis
E. None of these

If  'gnr' tag zog qmp' stands for 'Seoul Olympic Organising Committee';
'hyto gnr emf' stands for 'summer Olympic games' and
'esm sdr hyto' stands for 'modern games history',
what would be the code for 'summer' ?

Option :
A. hyto
B. gnr
C. emf
D. zog

In a code language, 'mok dan sil' means 'nice big house';
'fit kon dan' means 'house is good' and
'warn tir fit' means 'cost is high'.
Which word stands for 'good' in that language ?

Option :
A. mok
B. dan
C. fit
D. kon