If 'sit nro kit' stands for 'clouds pour down';
'nro bsi mit' stands for 'down he goes' and
'bsi nro zpi' stands for 'died down he',
which word would means 'goes' ?

Option :
A. nro
B. mit
C. kti
D. bsi

In a certain code language, 'nee muk pic' means 'grave and concern';
'ill dic so' means 'every body else'; and
'tur muk so' means 'body and soul'.
Which of the following would mean 'every concern' ?

Option :
A. dic pic
B. ill nee
C. pic nee
D. Can't be determined
E. None of these

In a certain code language, 'Ka Bi Pu Ya' means 'You are very intelligent';
'Ya Lo Ka Wo' means 'They seem very intelligent';
'La Pu Le' means 'You can see' and
'Sun Pun Yun Ya' means 'How intelligent she is'.
In that language, which of the following words means 'are' ?

Option :
A. Ka
B. Bi
C. Le
D. Pu
E. Ya

If in a certain code, 'bir le nac' means 'green and tasty';
'pic nac hor' means 'tomato is green' and
'coc bir hor' means 'food is tasty'.
Which of the following means 'tomato is tasty' in that code  ?

Option :
A. bir le hor
B. pic hor nac
C. hor bir pic
D. None of these

In a certain code language, 'kew xas huma deko' means 'she is eating apples';
'kew tepo qua' means 'she sells toys' and
'sul lim deko' means 'I like apples'.
which word in that language means 'she' and 'apples' ?

Option :
A. xas & deko
B. xas & kew
C. kew & deko
D. kew & xas
E. deko & tepo