In a certain code, 'ile be pee' means 'roses are blue'; 'sik hee' means 'red flowers' and 'pee mit hee' means 'flowers are vegetables'.

How is 'vegetables are red flowers' written in this code ?

Option :
A. pee sik mit hee
B. sik pee hee be
C. il sik mit hee
D. Cannot be determined
E. None of these

If 'nso ptr kli chn' stands for 'Sharma gets marriage gift', 'ptr lnm wop chn' stands for 'wife gives marriage gift', 'tti wop nhi' stands for 'he gives nothing', what would mean 'gives' ?

Option :
A. chn
B. nhi
C. ptr
D. wop

If 'tee see pee' means 'Drink fruit juice', 'see kee lee' means 'Juice is sweet' and 'lee ree mee' means 'He is intelligent', which word in that language means 'sweet' ?

Option :
A. see
B. kee
C. lee
D. pee
E. tee