In Mixed number coding type of questions, a few groups of numbers each coding a certain short message, are given. Through a comparison of the given coded message, taking two at a time, the candidate is required to find the number code for each word and then formulate the code for the message given.

(A)  '134' means 'you are well';
(B)  '758' means 'they go home';
(C)  '839' means 'we are home';
Which of the following represents 'they' in that code language ?

A. 2
B. 6
C. Either 2 or 6
D. Either 2 or 7
E. Either 7 or 6
Answer: E . Either 7 or 6


We can find the code for 'home' from the second and third statements.
For finding the code for 'they', we need the code for 'go' which cannot be determined from the given data.
Dara inadequate.