(i)  Kailash, Godvind and Harinder are intelligent.
(ii) Kailash, Rajesh and Jitendra are hard-working.
(iii) Rajesh,Harinder and Jitendra are honest.
(iv) Kailash, Govind and Jitendra are ambitious.

Which of the followining persons is neither honest nor hard-working but is ambitious ?

A. Kailash
B. Govind
C. Rajesh
D. Harinder
E. None of these
Answer: B . Govind


We may prepare a table as under :

  Intelligent Hard-working Honest Ambitious
Kailash X X   X
Govind X     X
Harinder X   X  
Rajesh   X X  
Jitendra   X X X

 Govind is ambitious but neither honest nor hard-working.