In this type of questions, some clues regarding seating or placing sequence (linear or circular) of some persons or items is given. The candidate is required to form the proper sequence using these clues and answer the questions accordingly.

Five children are sitting in a row. S is sitting next to P but not T. K is sitting next R who is sitting on the extreme left and T is not sitting next to K. Who are sitting adjacent to S ?

A. K and P
B. R and P
C. Only P
D. P and T
E. Insufficient Information
Answer: D . P and T

Justification: S is sitting next to P. So, the order S, P or P, S is followed. K is sitting next to R. So, the order R, K is followed because R is on the extreme left. T is not next to P or K. So, the arrangement will be R, K, P, S, T. Clearly, P and T are sitting adjacent to S.