There are five friends A, B, C, D and E. Two of them are businessmen while the other three belong to different occupations viz. medical, engineer and legal. One businessman and the lawyer stay in the same locality S, while the other three stay in three different localities P, Q and R. Two of these five persons are Hindus while the remaining three come from three different communities viz. Muslim, Christian and Sikh. The lawyer is the oldest in age while one of the businessmen who runs a factory is the youngest. The other businessman is a cloth merchant and agewise lies between the doctor and the lawyer. D is a cloth merchant and stays in locality S while E is a Muslim and stays in locality R. The doctor is a Christian and stays in locality P, B is a Sikh while A is a Hindu and runs a factory.

What is E's occupation ?

A. Business
B. Engineer
C. Lawyer
D. Doctor
Answer: B . Engineer


I.)    A is a Hindu, B is a Sikh, E is a Muslim. Now, the doctor is a Christian and D is a cloth merchant. So, C is a Christian and D is a Hindu.
II.)   D stays in locality S. E stays in locality R. Now, one businessman i.e. D and the lawyer stay in S. C is a doctor, stays in locality P. Clearly, A stays in locality Q.
III.)  Clearly, A is a factory owner, B is a lawyer, C is a doctor, D is a cloth merchant and E is an engineer.

  A B C D E
Profession Factory Owner Lawyer Doctor Cloth merchant Engineer
Religion Hindu Sikh Christian Hindu Muslim
Locaality Q S P S


IV.)  B, the lawyer, is oldest. A, the factory owner, is the youngest. D, the cloth merchant lies between doctor and lawyer i.e. B and C in age.
So, agewise sequenceis : B > D > C > E > A.

Hence,E is an engineer.