(i) Five friends P, Q, R, S and T travelled to five different cities of Chennai, Calcutta, Delhi, Bangalora and Hyderabad by five different modes of transport of Bus, Train, Aeroplane, Car and Boat from Mumbai.
(ii) The person who travelled to Delhi did not travel by boat.
(iii) R went to Bangalore by car and Q went to Calcutta be aeroplane.
(iv) S travelled by boat whereas T travelled by train.
(v) Mumbai is not connected by bus to Delhi and Chennai.

The person travelling to Delhi went by which of the following modes ?

A. Bus
B. Train
C. Aeroplane
D. Car
E. Boat
Answer: B . Train


The given information can be analysed as follows :
(A) Mode of Transport : R goes by Car, Q by Aeroplane, S by Boat and T by Train.
Now, only P remains. So, P travel by Bus.
(B) Place of Travel : R goes to Bangalore, Q to Calcutta. Now, bus transport is not available for Delhi or Chennai. So, P who travels by Bus goes to Hyderabad. S travels by boat and hence, by (ii), did not go to delhi. So, S goes to Chennai. Now, only T remains. So, T goes to Delhi.

  Place Mode
P Hyderabad Bus
Q Calcutta Aeroplane
R Bangalore Car
S Chennai Boat
T Delhi Train

Clearly, T travelled to Delhi by Train. So, the answer is (b).