In such type of questions, a few essential criteria for selection of a group of items are given. The candidate has to keep these conditions in mind and make the required selection as per the directions given in each question.

From amongst six days A, B, C, D, E, and F and five girls P, Q, R, S and T, a team of six is to be selected under the following coditions :
(i) A and D have to be together.
(ii) C cannot go with S.
(iii) S and T have to be together.
(iv) B cannot be teamed with E.
(v) D cannot go with P.
(vi) B and R have to be together.
(vii) C and Q have to be together.

If including P, the team has three girls, the members are :

A. B C F Q R
B. A D E S T
C. A D B S T
D. B F R S T
Answer: A . B C F Q R


If P is included, D and hence A cannot be included.
If Q is selected, C has to be selected and so S cannot be selected.
T goes with S. So, T is also not selected.
The third girl can be R. With R, B will be selected but with B, E cannot be selected. So, the sixth member can be F only. i.e, the team become P Q C R B F. So, the answer is (a).