From amongst six days A, B, C, D, E, and F and five girls P, Q, R, S and T, a team of six is to be selected under the following coditions :
(i) A and D have to be together.
(ii) C cannot go with S.
(iii) S and T have to be together.
(iv) B cannot be teamed with E.
(v) D cannot go with P.
(vi) B and R have to be together.
(vii) C and Q have to be together.

If four members including E have to be boys, the members other than E are :

A. A B C Q R
B. A D F S T
C. B C F Q R
D. A C D F Q
Answer: B . A D F S T


If E is included, B cannot be included. A and D have to be together. So, they are both included. Without B, R will not be there. With D, P cannot be there. So, two girls together can be only S and T. If S is there, C cannot be there. So the fourth boy can be F alone.
Thus, the team becomes E A D S T F. So, the answer is (b).