(i). There is a group of five persons – A, B, C, D and E.
(ii). One of them is a horticulturist, one is a physicist, one is a journalist, one is an industrialist and one is an advocated.
(iii). Three of them – A, C and advocate prefer tea to coffee and two of them – B and the journalist prefer coffee to tea.
(iv). The industrialist and D and A are friend to one another but two of these prefer coffee to tea.
(v). The horticulturist is C`s brother.

Who is a physicist ?

A. A
B. E
C. D
D. C
E. B
Answer: D . C


A prefers tea. So, from (iv), the industrialist and D prefer coffee. But, from (iii), B and the journalist prefer coffee. So, B is the industrialist and D is the journalist.
Now, A, C and advocate remain. Clearly, E is the advocate.
The horticulturist is C's brother. It can be only A. C is a physicist.

  A B C D E
Profession Horticulturist Industrialist Physicist Journalist Advocate
Profession Tea Coffee Tea Coffee


Hence, C is the physicist.