In this type of questions, some mixed clues regarding three or more qualities of given items or persons is given. The candidate is required to analyse this mixed information with respect to different qualities and classify the items accordingly.

(i). There is a group of five persons – A, B, C, D and E.
(ii). One of them is a horticulturist, one is a physicist, one is a journalist, one is an industrialist and one is an advocated.
(iii). Three of them – A, C and advocate prefer tea to coffee and two of them – B and the journalist prefer coffee to tea.
(iv). The industrialist and D and A are friend to one another but two of these prefer coffee to tea.
(v). The horticulturist is C`s brother.

Which of the statements above is superfluous ?

A. (iii)
B. (iv)
C. (ii)
D. (v)
E. Nil
Answer: E . Nil


A prefers tea. So, from (iv), the industrialist and D prefer coffee. But, from (iii), B and the journalist prefer coffee. So, B is the industrialist and D is the journalist.
Now, A, C and advocate remain. Clearly, E is the advocate.
The horticulturist is C's brother. It can be only A. C is a physicist.

  A B C D E
Profession Horticulturist Industrialist Physicist Journalist Advocate
Profession Tea Coffee Tea Coffee


Since all the statements are required to analyse the given data, none of them is superfluous.