In Mixed number coding type of questions, a few groups of numbers each coding a certain short message, are given. Through a comparison of the given coded message, taking two at a time, the candidate is required to find the number code for each word and then formulate the code for the message given.

In a certain code, '37' means 'which class' and '583' means 'caste and class'. What is the code for 'caste' ?

A. 3
B. 7
C. 8
D. Either 5 or 3
E. Either 5 or 8
Answer: E . Either 5 or 8


In the given statements, the common code digit is '3' and the common word is 'class'.
So, '3' means 'close'.
Thus, in the second statement, either 5 or 8 stands for 'caste'.