In a certain code language, '3a, 2b, 7c' means 'Truth is Eternal';
'7c, 9a, 8b, 3a' means 'Enmity is not Eternal'  and
'9a, 4d, 2b, 8b' means 'Truth does not perish'.
Which of the following means 'enmity' in that language ?

A. 3a
B. 7c
C. 8b
D. 9a
E. None of these
Answer: C . 8b


In the second and third statements, the common code is '9a' and the common word is 'not'.
So, '9a' means 'not'.
In the first and second statements, the common codes are '7c' and '3a' and the common words are 'is' and 'Eternal'.
So, in the second statement, '8b' means 'enmity'.