In a certain code language, 'Ka Bi Pu Ya' means 'You are very intelligent';
'Ya Lo Ka Wo' means 'They seem very intelligent';
'La Pu Le' means 'You can see' and
'Sun Pun Yun Ya' means 'How intelligent she is'.
In that language, which of the following words means 'are' ?

A. Ka
B. Bi
C. Le
D. Pu
E. Ya
Answer: D . Pu


In the first and second statements, the common code words are 'Ka' and 'Ya' and the common words are 'very' and 'intelligent'.
So, 'Ka' and 'Ya' are the codes for 'very' and 'intelligent'.
In the first and third statements, the common code word is 'Pu' and the common word is 'You'.
So, 'Pu' stands for 'You'.
Thus, in the first statement, 'Bit' stands for 'are'.