(i). Jayant, Kamal, Namita, Asha and Tanmay are five members of a family.
(ii). They have their birth dates from January to May, each member in one of these months.
(iii). Each one likes one particular item for his/her birthday out of Bengali Sweets, Chocolates, Pastries, Ice Cream and Dry Fruits.
(iv). The one who likes Pastries is born in the month which is exacty middle in the mmonths given.
(v). Asha does not like Ice cream but brings Chocolates for Jayant in February.
(vi). Tanmay who is fond of Bengali sweets is born in the next month immediately after Namita.
(vii). Namita does not like Dry fruits or Ice Cream.

What is the choice of Kamal ?

A. Ice cream
B. Bengali sweets
C. Dry fruits
D. Cannot be determined
E. None of these
Answer: A . Ice cream


(I) Choice : Jayant likes Chocolates; Tanmay likes Bengali sweets. Namita does not like Dry fruits or Ice cream. So, Namita likes Pastrises. Asha does not like Ice cream. So, she is fond of Dry fruits. Finally, Kamal likes Ice cream.
(II) Date of Birth : The one who likes Pastrises i.e., Namita is born in the middle of months given i.e., in March. Tanmay is born in next month after Namita i.e., in April. Jayant's birthday is in February.

  Choice Date of Birth
Jayant Chocolates February
Kamal Ice cream January or May
Namita Pastries March
Asha Dry fruits January or May
Tanmay Bengali sweets April

The choice of Kamal is Ice cream.