Of the six men of literature A, B C. D. E and F being considered here, two belonged to the 17th century, three to the 19th and one to the 20th century. Four were recognised as great poets, three as great novelists and three as great dramatists. One contributed to Bengali literature, two to Hindi, two to Marathi and one to Tamil. The 20th century writer wrote poetry only and contributed to Marathi literature and the other Marathi writer contributed to poetry, novel and drama. One Hindi writer and the only Tamil writer belonged to the 19th century. The former contributed to poetry and novel while the latter to novel and drama. The Bengali writer belonged to the 17th century and contributed to poetry only. A belonged to the 20th century. B wrote drama only, C contributed to Marathi literature, D was a Hindi poet and novelist and belonged to the 19th century. E also belonged to the 19th century, and F contributed to poetry only.

To which language did B contribute ?

A. Bengali
B. Hindi
C. Marathi
D. Tamil
Answer: B . Hindi


Clearly, there is one belonging to 20th century. So, A who belongs to 20th century contributes to Marathi poetry.
Also, D is a Hindi poet and novelist who belongs to the 19th century.
There are only two Marathis. So, C who is a Marathi will contribute to poetry, novel and drama.
Clearly, there are only four poets. So, F who is a poet, will be Bengali belonging to the 17th century. There is now no other Bengali, no other Marathi and no other poet. B, who wrote drama only cannot be Tamil and does not belong to 19th century. So, B belongs to 17th century and is a Hindi dramatist. Thus, E belonging to the 19th century is a Tamil novelist  and dramatist. C will belong to the 19th century.

B contributes to Hindi.