1. Seven books are placed one above the other in a particualr way.
  2. History book is placed exactly above Civics book.
  3. Geography book is fourth from the bottom and English book is fifth from the top.
  4. There are two books in between Civics and Economics books.

Out of the following, which three books are kept above English books ?
To answer this question, which of the other informations, if any, is required ? 

A. The Economics book is between English and Science books.
B. There are two books between English and History books.
C. The Geography book is above English book.
D. The Science book is placed at the top.
E. No other information is required.
Answer: E . No other information is required.


Clearly, the sequence of the five books mentioned, from top to bottom is :
---, History, Civics, Geography, English, Economics, ----

Clearly, History, Civics and Geography are three books kept above English.
To find this, no information other than the given ones is required.