In this type of questions, some clues regarding seating or placing sequence (linear or circular) of some persons or items is given. The candidate is required to form the proper sequence using these clues and answer the questions accordingly.

  1. There are seven books one each on Psychology, Hindi, English, Sociology, Economics, Education and Accountancy, lying on a table one above the other.
  2. Sociology is on the top of all the books.
  3. Accountancy is immediately below Education which is immediately below Sociology.
  4. Economics is immediately above Psychology but not in the middle.
  5. Hindi is immediately below Psychology.

Economics is between which of the following books ? 

A. Accountancy and Education
B. Psychology and Hindi
C. English and Psychology
D. Psychology and Sociology
E. None of these
Answer: C . English and Psychology


Sociilogy is on top of all books, Education is below Sociology. Accountancy is below Education.
Economics is above Psychology and Psychology is above Hindi.
Economics is not in the middle. So, in the middle lies the seventh book  i.e. English.
Thus, the sequence from top to bottom is :
Sociology, Education, Accountancy, English, Economics, Psychology, Hindi.

Economics is between English and Psychology.