A, B, C, D, E, F and G are members of a family consisting of four adults and three children, two of whom, F and G are girls. A and D are brothers and A is a doctor. E is an engineer married to one of the brothers and has two children. B is married to D and G is their child.
Who is C ?

A. A's son
B. E's daughter
C. F's father
D. G's brother
Answer: A . A's son


E is married to A or D. But B is married to D. Thus, E is married to A. Thus, A, B, D, E are the four adults and C, F, G are the three children in the family.
B and D have a child G.
A and E have two children. They are C and F.
Now, only F and G are girls. So, C is a boy.
Thus, C is A's or E's son.