A blacksmith has five iron articles A, B, C, D and E, each having a different weight.
(i)  A weights twice as much as B.
(ii)  B weights four and a half times as much as C.
(iii)  C weights half as much as D.
(iv)  D weights half as much as E.
(v)  E weights less than A but more than C.

Which of the following represents the descending order of weights of the articles ?

A. A, B, E, D, C
B. B, D, E, A, C
C. E, C, D, A, B
D. C, A, D, B, E
E. A, B, D, E, C
Answer: A . A, B, E, D, C


Let C's weight be x.
Then, D's weight is 2x. E's weight is 4x. B's weight is 4.5x and A's weight is 9x.
So, the order of weights can be A > B > E > D > C.

Clearly, the descending order of weights is A, B, E, D, C.