A sales representative plans to visit each of six companies M, N, P, Q, R and S exactly once during the course of one day. She is setting up her schedule for the day according to the following conditions :
(i). She must visit M before N and R.
(ii). She must visit N before Q.
(iii). The third company she visits must be P.

Which of the following could be the order in which the sales representative visits the six companies ?

A. M, S, P, N, R, Q
B. Q, N, P, R, S, M
C. M, R, N, Q, P, S
D. P, S, M, R, Q, N
E. P, R, M, N, Q, S
Answer: A . M, S, P, N, R, Q


According to information, P must be in third place and the order M, N and Q must not be violated. This is followed only in the arrangement M S P N R Q.