A team of five is to be selected from amongst five boys A, B, C, D and E and four girls P, Q, R and S. Some criteria for selecation are :
A and S have to be together.
P cannot be put with R.
D and Q cannot be together.
C and E have to be together.
R cannot be put with B.
Unless otherwise stated, these criteria are applicable to all the question below :

If R be one of the members, the other members of the team are :

A. P S A D
B. Q S A D
C. Q S C E
D. S A C E
Answer: D . S A C E


If R is selected, P cannot be selected. So, P S A D is wrong:
D and Q cannot go together. So, Q S A D is wrong.
S and A have to be together, So, Q S C E is wrong.