In such type of questions, clues are given regarding comparisons among a set of persons or things with respect to one or more qualities. The candidate is required to analyse the whole information, form a proper ascending / descending sequence and then answer the given questions accordingly.

At the end of a cricket series, when five players were arranged iin the ascending order of runs scored by them, O was fourth while N was first. When they were arranged in descending order for wickets taken by them, K replaces O while O replaces L. M's position remains unchanged. K has scored more runs than M. L is having first rank in ine ranking and fifth in another.

Who has taken the lowest number of wickets ?

A. L
B. M
C. P
D. Can't be determined
E. None of these
Answer: A . None of these


In terms of runs scored, we have the ascending order as N < ? < ? < O < ?.
N has the first rank. So, L will be fifth in this order i.e. N < ? < ? < O < L.
K has scored more runs than M i.e. K > M.
So, the sequence becomes N < M < K < O < L.
In terms of wickets taken, the order becomes : L > M > N > K > O.

O has taken the lowest number of wickets.