From amongst five doctors A, B, C, D and E, four engineers G, H, K and L and six teachers M, N, O, P, Q and R, some teams are to be selected. Of these, A, B, G, H, O, P and Q are females and the rest are males.
The formation of teams is subject to the following conditions :
Wherever there is a male doctor, there will be no female teacher.
Wherever there is a male engineer, there will be no female doctor.
There shall not be more than two male teachers in any team.

If the team consists of two doctors, two engineers and two teachers, all the following teams are possible except :

A. A B G H O P
B. A B G H M N
C. C E K L N R
D. C D K L O P
Answer: D . C D K L O P


Since no particular specifications are given, so we shall verify the correctness of the suggested teams separately. Clearly, C D K L O P is incorrect because C and D are male doctors and so cannot go with female teachers o and P.