In a group of six women, there are four dancers, four vocal musicians, one actress and three violinists. Girija and Vanaja are among the violinists while Jalaja and Shailja do not know how to play on the vilion. Shailja and Tanuja are among the dancer. Jalaja, Vanaja, Shailja and Tanuja are all vocal musicians and two of them are also violinists. If Pooja is an actress, who among the following is both a dancer and a violinist ?

A. Jalaja
B. Shailja
C. Tanuja
D. Pooja
Answer: C . Tanuja


The four vocal musicians and one actress in the group are given. Two dancers are Shailja and Tanuja. Two violinists are Girija and Vanaja. Since Jalaja and Shailja cannot be violinists. so, remaining two violinists are Tanuja and Pooja.
Clearly, Tanuja is both a violinist andd a dancer.