This typesThis type consists of questions in which certain items belonging to different groups or possessing different qualities are given along with f

Madhu and Shobha are good in Dramatics and Computer Science.
Anjali and Madhu are good in Computer Science and Physics.
Anjali, Poonam and Nisha are good in Physics and Mathematics.
Poonam and Shobha are good in History and Dramatics.

Who is the good in Physics, History and Dramatics ?

A. Poonam
B. Shobha
C. Madhu
D. Anjali
Answer: A . Poonam


The given information can be analysed as under :

  Dramatics Computer Sc. Physics History Mathematics
Madhu X X X    
Shobha X X   X  
Anjali   X X X X
Poonam X   X X  
Nisha     X X X

Poonam is good in Physics, History and Dramatics.