Mr. A, Miss B, Mr. C and Miss D are sitting around a table and discussing their trades.
(1) Mr. A sits opposite Mr. C.
(2) Miss B sits right to the barber.
(3) The washerman is on the left of the tailor.
(4) Miss D sits opposite Mr. C.

What are the trades of A and B ? 

A. Tailor and Barber
B. Tailor and Cook
C. Barber and Cook
D. Washerman and Cook
Answer: B . Tailor and Cook


Clealry, C and D sit opposite to each other. So, if A sits opposite to cook, B shall be the cook.
Now, B is to the right of barber. So, one of the rest, say C will be barber.
Clealry, then D on the opposite side shall be washerman or tailor. But, washerman is left of tailor and D on the left of A.
So, D is washerman and A is tailor.
Thus, A and B are Tailor and Cook.