In this type of questions, some clues regarding seating or placing sequence (linear or circular) of some persons or items is given. The candidate is required to form the proper sequence using these clues and answer the questions accordingly.

Mr. A, Miss B, Mr. C and Miss D are sitting around a table and discussing their trades.
(1) Mr. A sits opposite Mr. C.
(2) Miss B sits right to the barber.
(3) The washerman is on the left of the tailor.
(4) Miss D sits opposite Mr. C.

What are the trades of A and B ? 

A. Tailor and Barber
B. Tailor and Cook
C. Barber and Cook
D. Washerman and Cook
Answer: B . Tailor and Cook


Clealry, C and D sit opposite to each other. So, if A sits opposite to cook, B shall be the cook.
Now, B is to the right of barber. So, one of the rest, say C will be barber.
Clealry, then D on the opposite side shall be washerman or tailor. But, washerman is left of tailor and D on the left of A.
So, D is washerman and A is tailor.
Thus, A and B are Tailor and Cook.