(i). P, Q, R, S, T and U are six students procuring their Master's degree in six different subjects -- English, History, Philosophy, Physics, Statistics and Mathematics.
(ii). Two of them stay in hoste, two stay as paying guest (PG) and the remaining two stay at their home.
(iii). R does not stay as PG and studies Philosophy.
(iv). The students studying Statistics and History do not stay as PG.
(v). T studies Mathematics and S studies Physics.
(vi). U and S stay in hostel. T stays as PG and Q stays at home.

Which of the following combinations of subject and places of stay is not correct ?

A. English -- Hostel
B. Mathematics -- PG
C. Philosophy -- Home
D. Physics -- Hostel
E. None of these
Answer: A . English -- Hostel


(I). T stays as PG; S stays in hostel.
      U stays in hostel and Q stays at home.
     Now, R does not stay as PG. So, P stays as PG.
     Clearly, R stays at home.
(II). S studies Physics; R studies Philosophy and T studies Mathematics. Now, P who stays as PG does not study Statistics or History. So, P studies English.

  Place of stay Subject
P PG English
Q Home Statistics or History
R Home Philosophy
S Hostel Physics
T PG Mathematics
U Hostel Statistics or History

 Clearly the incorrect combination in English -- Hostel.