In such type of questions, clues are given regarding comparisons among a set of persons or things with respect to one or more qualities. The candidate is required to analyse the whole information, form a proper ascending / descending sequence and then answer the given questions accordingly.

Rohan is taller than Anand but shorter than Seema.
Krishna is taller than Pushpa but shorter than Anand.
Dhiraj is taller than Krishna but shorter than Seema.

Who among them is the tallest ? 

A. Rohan
B. Seema
C. Krishna
D. Cannot be determined
E. None of these
Answer: B . Seema


In terms of height, we have :
Anand < Rohan,  Rohan < Seema,  Pushpa < Krishna,  Krishna < Anand,  Krishna < Dhiraj,  Dhiraj < Seema.
So, the sequence becomes :
Pushpa < Krishna < Dhiraj < Anand < Rohan < Seema.
Clearly, Seema is the tallest.