In this type of questions, some clues are given regarding the order of occurrence of certain events. The candidate is required to analyse the given information, frame the right sequence and then answer the questions accordingly.

Seven executives P, Q, R, S, T, U andW reach office in a particular sequence.
U reaches immediately before P but does not immediately follow S. R is the last one to reach office. T follows immediately after P and is subsequently followed by W.

Who ranks fourth in the sequence of reaching office ?

A. W
B. U
C. T
D. Can't be determined
E. None of these
Answer: D . Can't be determined


Clearly, U is followed by P;  P by T;  T by W.
Now, U does not immediately follow S and R reaches last.
So, the order of reaching office is : S, Q, U, P, T, W, R.

So, P is fourth in the sequence.