(i). A, B, C, D and E are five friends.
(ii). B is elder to E, but not as tall as C.
(iii). C is younger to A, and is taller to D and E.
(iv). A is taller to D, but younger to E.
(v). D is elder to A but is shortest in the group.

Which of the following statements is correct about B ?
(i). B is not the tallest.
(ii). B is shorter to E.
(iii). When they are asked to stand in ascending order with respect to their heights, B is in the middle.

A. Only (i) is correct
B. Only (i) and (ii) are correct
C. All are correct
D. All are incorrect
E. None of these
Answer: A . Only (i) is correct


In terms of age, we have :
E < B, C < A, A < E, A < D
So, we have : C < A < E < B < A < D.
In terms of height, we have :
B < C, D < C, E < C, D < A

B is shorter than C. So, B is not the tallest. Thus, (i) is correct.
B and E are shorter than C. So, it cannot be conclude that B is shorter to E. Thus, (ii) is incorrect.
A single definite order of heights cannot be obtained from the given information. So, (iii) is incorrect.