In this type of questions, some clues regarding seating or placing sequence (linear or circular) of some persons or items is given. The candidate is required to form the proper sequence using these clues and answer the questions accordingly.

(i). Eight persons E, F, G, H, I, J, K and L are seated around a square table -- two on each side.
(ii). There are three lady members and they are not seated next to each other.
(iii). J is between L and F.
(iv). G is between I and F.
(v). H, a lady member, is second to the left of J.
(vi). F, a member is second is seated opposite E, a lady member.
(vii). There is a lady member between F and I.

Who among the following are the three lady members ?

A. E, G and J
B. E, H and G
C. G, H and J
D. Cannot be determined
E. None of these
Answer: B . E, H and G


J is between L and F i.e. the order is L J F.
G is between I and F i.e. the order is F G L.
Thus, the sequence becomes L J F G I.
H is second to the left of J i.e. H L J F G L.
Writing the above sequence in form of a square table, we have :

E is seated opposite F. Since G is between F and I, so G is a female member.

The three lady members are E, H and G.