(i).   P, Q, R, S, T and U are travelling in a bus.
(ii).  There are two reporters, two technicians, one photographer and one writer in the group.
(iii). The photographer P is married to S who is a reporter.
(iv). The writer is married to Q who is of the same profession as that of U.
(v).  P, R, Q, S are two married couples and nobody in the group has same profession.
(vi). U is brother of R.

How is R related to U ?

A. Brother
B. Sister
C. Uncle
D. Cannot be determined
Answer: D . Cannot be determined


P is a photographer.
P is married to S. So, one couple is PS. Then, the other couple is RQ.
S is a reporter.
The writer is married to Q. So, R is the writer. Now, P, Q, R, S have different professions. So, Q is a technician and thus U is also a technician.
U is the brother of R.
We now know the professions of P, Q, R, S and U. Only T remains. Since there are two reporters in the group, so T is also a reporter.

Since the sex of R is not given. so R may be the brother or sister of U.