In such type of questions, some clues are given regarding relationship among different members of a family and their professions, qualities, dresses, preferences etc. The candidate is required to analyse the whole information nd then answer the given questions accordingly.

(i) P, Q, R, S, T and U are six members of a group of which three are males and three are females.
(ii) There are two engineers, two lawyers, one teacher and one doctor in the group.
(iii) Q, T, P and R are two married couples and no person in this group has the same profession.
(iv) T, a teacher with blue dress, married a male lawyer with brown dress.
(v) Colour of the dresses of both the husbands and that of both the wives is the same.
(vi) Two persons have blue dress, two have brown and the remaining one each has black and green.
(vii) P is a male engineer whose sister S is also an engineer.
(viii) P is a male engineer whose sister S is also on engineer.
(ix) Q is a doctor.

Who is the wife of P ?

A. Q
B. R
C. S
D. T
E. None of these
Answer: A . Q


T is a female teacher with blue dress.
T married a lawyer. Now, P is an engineer and Q is a doctor. Clearly, T married R.
R is, thus, a male lawyer with brown dress.
One couple is RT. So, the other couple is PQ
P is a male engineer and has the same dress as R i.e., brown
Q is a female doctor and has the same dress as T i.e., blue.
S is the sister of P. S is a female engineer. Now, U remains. Since there are two lawyers, so U is a lawyer.
Both S and U have either black or green dress.

  P Q R S T U
Profession Engineer Doctor Lawyer Engineer Teacher Lawyer
Colour of Dress Brown Blue Brown Black or Green Blue Black or Green
Sex Male Female Male Female Female Male

Q is the wife of P.