(i). Six friends P, Q, R, S, T and U are members of a club and play a different game of Football, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton and Volleyball.
(ii). T who is taller than P and S plays Tennis.
(iii). The tallest among them plays Basketball.
(iv). The shorter among them play Volleyball.
(v). Q and S neither play Vollyball nor Basketball.
(vi). R plays Volleyball.
(vii). T is between Q who plays Football and P in order of height.

Which of the following statements is not true ?

A. P is shorter than R.
B. Q is taller than S.
C. S is taller than R.
D. T is taller than R.
E. U is taller than Q.
Answer: A . P is shorter than R.


In terms of height, we have :
T > P, T > S, Q > T > P.
R plays Volleyball, so R is the shortest.
Q plays neither Vollyball nor Basketball.
So, Q is not the tallest. Thus, U is the tallest.
So, the sequence becomes : U > Q > T > P > S > R.
Now, T plays Tennis, U, being tallest, plays Basketball. R plays Volleyball. Q plays Football. Both P and S play either Cricket or Badminton.

Clearly, P is taller than R.