(i). There are six friends A, B, C, D, E and F.
(ii). Each one is proficient in one of the games, namely Badminton, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and Polo.
(iii). Each owns a different coloured car, namely yellow, green, black, white, blue and red.
(iv). D plays Polo and owns a yellow coloured car.
(v). C does not play either Tennis or Hockey and owns neither blue nor yellow coloured car.
(vi). E owns a white car and plays Badminton.
(vii). B does not play Tennis, he owns a red coloured car.
(viii). A plays Cricket and owns a black car.

Who plays Volleyball ?

A. B
B. C
C. F
D. Data inadequate
E. None of these
Answer: B . C


(I). D plays Polo; E plays Badminton; A plays Cricket; C does not play Tennis or Hockey.
So, C plays Volleyball.
B does not play Tennis. So, he plays Hockey. Clearly, F plays Tennis.
(II). D has yelow car; E has white car; B has a red car; A has a black car.
Now, C does not have a blue car. So, colour of C's car is green.
Clearly, F owns a blue car.

  Game Colour of Car
A Cricket Black
B Hockey Red
C Volleyball Green
D Polo Yellow
E Badminton White
F Tennis Blue

C plays Volleyball.