(i). There is a family of six members A, B, C, D, E and F.
(ii). There are two married couples in the family and the family members represent three generations.
(iii). Each member has a distinct choice of a colour amongst green, yellow, balck, red, white and pink.
(iv). No lady member likes either green or white.
(v). C, who likes black colour is the daughter-in-law of E.
(vi). B is brother of F and son of D and likes pink.
(vii). A is grandmother of F and F does not like red.
(viii). The husband has a choice of green colour, his wife likes yellow.

Which of the following is the colour combination of one of the couples ?

A. Red - Yellow
B. Yellow - Red
C. Green - Black
D. Yellow - Green
E. None of these
Answer: D . Yellow - Green


B and F are children of D.
A is grandmother of F. So, B and F represent third generation.
Now, C is the daughter-in-law of E. So, A and E form a couple and represent first generstion. A, being mother, is a female and so E is a male.
C is the daughter-in-law of E and so D is E's son. Thus, CD is the other couple and represents second generation.
C likes black, B likes pink. Green and yellow are the preferences of a couple. So, A likes yellow and E likes green. Now, F does not like red. So, F likes white and D likes red.
Now F likes white and so cannot be a lady. B is the son of D and hence a male.

Yellow - Green is the colour combination of the couple AE.