In such type of questions, clues are given regarding comparisons among a set of persons or things with respect to one or more qualities. The candidate is required to analyse the whole information, form a proper ascending / descending sequence and then answer the given questions accordingly.

Sudhanshu is as much older than Kokila as he is younger than Praveen.
Nitin is as old as Kokila.
Which of the following statement is wrong ? 

A. Kokila is younger than Praveen.
B. Nitin is younger than Praveen.
C. Sudhanshu is older than Nitin.
D. Praveen is not the oldest.
E. Kokila is younger than Sudhanshu ?
Answer: D . Praveen is not the oldest.


In terms of age we have :
Kokila < Sudhanshu,  Sudhanshu < Praveen,  Nitin = Kokila.
So, the sequence becomes :
Nitin = Kokila < Sudhanshu < Praveen.
Clearly, Praveen is the oldest.
Hence, (d) is the incorrect statement.