The Director of the Institute has announced that six guest lectures on different areas link Leadership, Decision Making, Quality Circles, Motivation, Assessment Centre and Group Discussion are to be organised only one on each day from Monday to Sunday.

  1. Motivation should be organised immediately after Assessment Centre.
  2. Quality Circle should be organised on Wednesday and should not be followed by Group Discussion.
  3. Decision Making should be organised on Friday and there should be a gap of two days between Leadership and Group Discussion.
  4. One day there will be no lecture (Saturday is not that day), just before that day Group Discussion will be organised.

Which of the following information is not required for the above lecture arrangements ?

A. Only 1
B. Only 2
C. Only 3
D. Only 4
E. All are required
Answer: E . All are required


The correct order is :

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Group Discussion x Quality Circle Leadership Decision Making Assessment Centre Motivation

So, All the given information are required.