There are five men A, B, C, D and E and six women P, Q, R, S, T and U, A, B and R advocates;
C, D, P, Q and S are doctors and the rest are teachers. Some terms are to be selected from amongst these eleven persons subject to the following condition :
A, P and U have to be together.
B cannot go with D or R.
E and Q have to be together.
C and T have to be together.
D and P cannot go together.
C cannot go with Q.

If the term is to consist of two male advocates, two lady doctors and one teachers, the members of the team are :

A. A B P Q U
B. A B P U S
C. A P R S U
D. B E Q R S
Answer: B . A B P U S


The male advocates are A and B, lady doctors are P, Q and S; teachers are E, T and U.
Now, A and B will be selected.
A, P and U have to be together.
Now, we have to select one lady doctor more. It can be Q or S. But Q and E have to be together. Since  E is not selected, so S will be selected.
Thus, the term is A B P U S.