In such type of questions, some clues are given regarding relationship among different members of a family and their professions, qualities, dresses, preferences etc. The candidate is required to analyse the whole information nd then answer the given questions accordingly.

There are five persons P, Q, R, S and T. One is football player, one is chess player and one is hockey player. P and S are unmarried ladies and do not participate in any game. None of the ladiesplays chess or football. There is a married couple in which T is the husband. Q is the brother of R and is neither a chese player nor a hockey player.

Who is the football player ?

A. P
B. Q
C. R
D. S
E. T
Answer: B . Q


Clearly, Q is neither a hockey player nor a chess player. So, he must be a football player and thus cannot be a lady. T is a husband (not a lady) and so must be a chess player. Hence, R must be a hockey player, and therefore she must be a lady and T's wife. So, the information can be summarised as follows :
P -- unmarried lady, does not participate in games.
Q -- brother of R, football player.
R -- hockey player, T's wife.
S -- unmarried lady, does not participate in games.
T -- husband of R, chess player

So, Q is the football player.