Rohit, Kunal, Ashish and John are students of a school. Three of them stay far from the school and one near it. Two study in class IV, one in class V and one in class VI. They study Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science and Science. One is good at all the four subjects while another is weak in all of these. Rohit stays far from the school and is good at Mathematics only while Kunal is weak in Mathematics only and stays close to the school. Neither of these two nor Ashish studies in class VI. One who is good at all the subjects studies in class V.

Which two boys are good at Hindi ?

A. Rohit and Kunal
B. Kunal and Ashish
C. Ashish and John
D. John and Rohit
Answer: B . Kunal and Ashish


(I). Kunal stays close to school. So, the other three --- Rohit, Ashish and John stay far from the school.
(II). Rohit, Kunal and Ashish do not study in class VI. So, John studies in class VI.
Rohit and Kunal are not good at all subjects and John is in class VI. So, Ashish is good at all subjects and studies in class V.
Clearly, Rohit and Kunal study in class IV.
(III). Rohit is good at Mathematics, Kunal is weak in Mathematics. Ashish is good at all the subjects. Clearly, John is weak in all the subjects.

  Stay Class
Good at
Weak in
Rohit Far IV Mathematics Hindi, Science, Social Science
Kunal Close IV Hindi, Science, Social Science Mathematics
Ashish Far V All Subjects  
John Far VI   All Subjects

Kunal and Ashish are good at Hindi.