(i) There is a group of five girls.
(ii) Kamini is second in height but younger than Rupa.
(iii) Pooja is taller than Monika but younger in age.
(iv) Rupa and Monika are of the same age but Rupa is tallest between them.
(v) Neelam is taller than Pooja and elder Rupa.

If they are arranged in the descending order of their ages, who will be in fourth position ?

A. Monika or Rupa
B. Kamini
C. Monika
D. Data inadequate
E. None of these
Answer: E . None of these


We first find the sequence of height :
By (iii), we have : M < P.
By (v), we have : P < N.
Now, Rupa is tallest and Kamini is is second in height.
So, the sequence of heights is : M < P < N < K < R.
Now, we determine the age sequence :
By (ii), we have : K < R.
By (iii), we have : P < M.
By (iv), we have : R = M.
By (v), we have : R < N.
So, the sequence of ages is : N < R = M < K < P or N < R = M < P < K.

Clearly, in the desceasing order of ages, Neelam will be in fourth position (because Monika and Rupa both lie at third position).
Hence, the answer is (e).